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Zebra Blinds

A modern combination of reliable roller blinds and traditional horizontal blinds, zebra blinds combine superior light control with a layer of privacy.


Zebra blinds are made of two layers of sheer and solid fabric attached to a roller. When the roller is rotated, the dark and light stripes overlap, creating different tones of light. When the dark stripes overlap, the light passes through the transparent sections, allowing you to see outside. When dark stripes are placed side by side, they cut off the light, helping to protect your furniture and valuables from harmful UV rays, and also provide privacy.

if you’re on the hunt for an upscale look that makes a great design statement, zebra blinds are the custom window treatment for you.


It is much easier than you think to decorate your home and give it the modern look you want. Zebra blinds can help you achieve exactly the look you're looking for. Our window covering experts can help you choose from a wide variety of designs, styles and colors that fit perfectly into your living space.

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