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Vertical Sheer Blinds

Make your home seamless with the perfect shade for indoor and outdoor living. With a quick turn of the fabric vanes, transform the vertical sheer to solid, bringing all the comfort and privacy you need. Separate vanes come down easily for cleaning or replacing. It makes the perfect choice for large windows and patio doors. 

Turn the shade from opened to closed and sheer to solid with the easy-to-use wand. When the vanes are turned open, sunlight softly diffuses through the sheer fabrics to softly light your home. When the vanes are turned to a closed position, the completely solid fabric blocks the view in and provides you with peace and privacy. 

Separate fabric vanes: Fabric vanes are hung separately with no chains or cords attaching them. You can walk through the shade freely with no adjustment, and there’s no danger of getting tangled. It is a safe choice for homes with kids and pets.

Fabric vanes fold perfectly, stay elegant and aesthetic.
Separate fabric vanes can be removed easily for cleaning or replacing. 180 Degrees of light control with rotating fabric vanes. The same headrail mechanism is widely used in vinyl vertical blinds.

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