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Venetian Blinds

This venetian blinds is the perfect balance between privacy, light-filtering, and elegance, its include a crown valance to finish the look on every window and give an elegant and classic look to your home or office. It comes equipped with a PVC double head railing, which will ensure that it is held securely in place. 


Ideal for every home and institution with young children. These blinds are heat and moisture resistant, making it an ideal addition to homes in high humidity areas. 

Whether you're looking to boost privacy or keep early morning sunlight at bay so you can sleep in, this  venetian blind is the perfect pick. Made from vinyl, this piece features neutral-hued slats that easily adjust in angle whenever you want to darken the room or let in light. 


These blinds will add warmth and elegance to any room and are an excellent option for rooms plagued by high moisture and humidity. Made of the highest quality synthetic materials, these blinds are 1anti-static controlled to prevent yellowing and the collection of excess dust. 

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